UnPolished Baltic Amber Beads with holes. (5mm-10mm)

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UnPolished Baltic Amber Beads with holes. (5mm-10mm). Approx. 100 amber beads in each 10 grams.Each amber bead contains a hole. Craft supplies

10 gram bags
Weight: 10 gram
Amber Size: 5 mm - 10 mm
Amber Colour: Unpolished Butterscotch or Unpolished Cognac or Unpolished Multicolour
Materials: Baltic amber
Butterscotch or Cognac or Multicolour UnPolished Baltic Amber Beads with holes. (5mm-10mm). Approx. 100 amber beads in each 10 grams.

Natural and untreated Baltic Amber beads. This beautiful mixed amber beads created from genuine Baltic Amber which has been tumbled. Baltic Amber is an organic gemstone which was formed in a long biological process and has taken millions of years. Each amber bead contains a hole so it is ready for jewellery making.

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Amber is the ancient resin of trees. The resin has gone through a number of changes over millions of years. Baltic Amber is easy to carve and polish, which makes it a wonderful material to work with. Amber has appeared naturally in various parts of the world, but is well recognized that Baltic Amber is the oldest and most valued of all.


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