Elegant Baltic amber necklaces collars, big choice of designs + lovely gift box

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Elegant Baltic amber necklaces/collars are made using the finest pieces of Baltic amber. These gorgeous designs come with "hidden" twist clasps and could be a part of any collection. Experience the warmth of Amber with these lovely Baltic Amber Necklaces created by nature and our artist, especially for you.

Cherry Necklace:

Weight: 13 gram
Amber Size: 0.55 inch. x 0.35 inch.
Amber Colour: Cherry, Golden clear
Length: 18 inch.
Materials: 100% Baltic Amber

Multicolour Necklace:

Weight: 14 gram
Amber Size: 0.8 inch. x 0.25 inch.
Amber Colour: Green, Golden-clear, Honey, Cherry
Length: 17 inch.
Materials: Baltic Amber

Butterscotch Necklace:

Weight: 18 gram
Amber Size: 0.6 inch. x 0.35 inch.
Amber Colour: White-Butter
Length: 18 inch.
Materials: Baltic Amber


  • Handmade 
  • Genuine Baltic Amber
  • Baltic amber is smoothly polished to show off the natural content and shine.
  • Style: Unique Jewellery


Amber is the ancient resin of trees. The resin has gone through several changes over millions of years. Baltic Amber is easy to carve and polish, which makes it a wonderful material to work with. Amber has appeared naturally in various parts of the world, but is well-recognized that Baltic Amber is the oldest and most valued of all.


  • We try to take photos from different angles to give you a complete idea of each product but all items are unique and can be slightly different.
  • We try to dispatch all our orders within 24 hours.
  • Discover Amber offers you a huge choice of amber colours and a fantastic assortment of exclusive designs. We guarantee you genuine quality of amber, 30-90 million years old 


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