Baltic Amber Dalmatian Pattern Bracelet

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Baltic Amber Dalmatian pattern Bracelet and Necklace. Stylish and fresh look! ...
Creative Baltic Amber and Clay Necklace and Bracelet Design
New Amber Art technique used. Fresh style!
Lovely design - part of our Unique Amber Jewellery Collection.

Amber Bracelet:

Weight: 7 gram
Amber Size: 0.25 inch. x 0.25 inch.
Amber Colour: Butterscotch,Cherry, Cognac, Golden
Length: Bracelet Size: 7 inch. inside length
Materials: Baltic Amber with clay.

Baltic amber and clay bracelet made with multicolour amber beads. One elastic strings expand to fit all wrists so need no clasp and will expand to fit all wrists. Amber Bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box. Also we are very pleased to be able to offer the matching necklaces or earrings which you can find in our AmberParadise jewellery Collection. All pieces are unique and may vary slightly. Our Unique Baltic Amber Bracelets Collection contains lovely products, which are handmade by Lithuanian artists. It offers you a huge choice of amber colours and a fantastic assortment of exclusive designs. We guarantee you genuine quality of amber, 30-90 million years old, which comes from the Baltic Sea area.

Amber Necklace:
Weight: 15 gram
Amber Size: 0.25 inch. x 0.25 inch.
Amber Colour: Cherry, Cognac, Golden, Butterscotch
Length: 18 inch.
Materials: Baltic Amber and Clay